How To Download Free Movies For PSP

hile the Sony PSP is easily one of the best handheld video-gaming systems, it can also be a powerful mobile movie player. However, trying to build your PSP movie collection can be an expensive task. The PSP compatible movies (UMD) can run upwards of $30 at most retail stores. For most of us, that can add up quickly and really burn a hole in your wallet. Fortunately there are now options to download your movies online for free (even high-def movies).

Many people think they can find free PSP movies simply by searching for it in a major search engine. Well you can try, but you are going to find thousands of different websites claiming to offer free PSP movie downloads. The dirty truth is that many of these so-called “free PSP movie download” websites charge a per-download or monthly fee, offer no real customer service, and can even install viruses on your computer. So be careful!

So, where can you download free PSP movies? There are some websites out there in all the rubbish which usually charge a one-time fee to join (I think I paid around $35 for most). Once you become a member you gain access to unlimited PSP movies, games, music, wallpaper, and software free to download. All of which is frequently updated with new releases. These sites are great and allow you to build a library of PSP movies while saving you a ton of money.

Some things to keep in mind when searching for a PSP movie download site:

No Per-Download or Monthly Fee – Look for PSP download services which charge a small, one-time fee.
Unlimited Downloads – Don’t let limited downloads keep you from building your collection of PSP movies.
Free, Lifetime Customer Support – You never know when you will need help or advice during your PSP downloading adventures. Be sure your PSP download service offers 24/7 lifetime support. It’s simply not worth it if it doesn’t.

Speedy Downloads – Most of the reputable PSP downloading services have lightning fast downloads. Of course this is also relative to the speed of your connection. If you have DSL or a cable modem, you should be good to go. If you have dial-up, it may slow down at times.

Be sure to visit my website where I’ve reviewed and rated the top PSP download services I’ve seen.

The Sony PSP is an amazing handheld device with the ability to play movies, and the fact that you can now download all your movies online makes it even better. So stop paying so much for your movies, and start downloading them.

Downloading Free PSP Games And Movies – Guide On How To Download Free PSP Games, Movies And Software

Do you want to download free PSP games, movies and software? Do you want to watch all new movies or tv shows on your PSP? Do you want to play the latest games for free? If you really want to download free PSP movies and games to your device, you can but they can very difficult to find.

When I purchased my PSP last year, I started searching for free PSP games and movies to download and I came across three options:

#1 Download Free PSP Games and Movies

My first move to download free PSP movies and games is to start where most people start, on Google. I used it to search for torrents. For example, if you want to download a movie called “300” you should type in Google “300” ext:torrent. This search will give you all the torrent links which have a file extension torrent. You can find a lot files this way, the only downside is that torrent download speeds are usually brutally slow.

#2 Download Free PSP Games and Movies

The second option that I found to download free PSP games and movies was to find a PSP download site. The downside to these is that they often claim to have free PSP games and movies to download but once you go to download one you find out that you have to pay a monthly or yearly membership. The plus side is that these sites offer so really great download speeds though, much much faster than torrents. Your best bet is to find one that offers a lifetime membership for a one time fee. I actually found a site like that and I am very very happy with it. They have PSP games to download, music, movies, software and much more.

#3 Download Free PSP Games and Movies

The last option also involves using a search engine. If you go to Google and use their commands to find files for download. Example, you can go to Google and type the name of the PSP game or movie in quotes and search by filetype zip, rar, avi, mp3 or whatever. The full search would look something like this: “game or movie name” filetype:rar. If you were trying to download a song like “Can’t tell me nothing”, go to Google and type “Can’t tell me nothing”, filtype:mp3 and you should get results. Warning: it is easy to download viruses and spyware using this method.

Free iPod Movie Downloads

Free iPod Movie Downloads! Is this really true and how can you get free iPod music and movie downloads. To answer the question short. Well Yes, you can download free iPod music and movies without paying each time you want to download a song or movie. With many alternative iPod downloads site on the net today gone are the day you will have to spend hundreds of dollars a month with your credit card in order to keep up to date with your favorite music and movies even tv show. But before talking about our present situation with many ipod alternative sites. Let me give you a little personal experience in the days of old we both you and I had to use only (mainly) iTunes for our iPod media.

You see being a big movie fan I would download most of the newly released DVD iPod movies immediately after it got into the iTunes stores. When I downloaded iPod movies from Disney, MGM, Lionsgate Paramount, you name it, I was billed about $12.99 per download. I think these days you can get some cheaper like $9.99 which is still pretty expensive in my opinion. When I downloaded from the classic library titles, iTunes charged $9.99 – $14.99. Then there was the music in between there may be about 20 songs per week at 99cents. By the end of the month, I was shocked when I received a huge credit card bill just the sake of entertainment, I totally ruined myself which is no doubt one of the biggest mistake I have ever made. What happened next was that I was really thinking to stop using my iPod but I did not but I sure did not use it as often as I used to before my big credit card bill.

Then I found my solution: By browsing the Internet casually, I came to know about some services that provided free iPod downloads. Surprisingly they even have a large database of iPod movies and music. So I thought I should do some basic research before I download anything on my computer.

Here is what I found: The free iPod downloads was not completely free. These services charged a one time membership fee of less than $45 and provide an unlimited access to free iPod downloads. So you get unlimited access to free iPod music, free iPod movies, free iPod games, free iPod music videos, free iPod photos, free iPod TV shows, free iPod software downloads, free iPod video converter – all for a one time membership.

Though I was satisfied, I still had some doubts in my mind, so I decided to check on the legality and safety of these free iPod downloads and realized that the download site fully obeys all the copyright laws and is 100% legal. Moreover the free iPod downloads are safe and secured with no spyware and adware as this protection is part of the download service. On an average, it took 40 minutes to download a movie on my iPod. Not to speak about the iPod songs and music, it was downloaded within five minute or less. The download service even provided a satisfaction guarantee program, so I was fully satisfied as I don’t have anything to lose except some hard disk space.
One of the very high points about these iPod download sites is the vast amount of media that can be found on the network. Thanks to the big network, I could download all my favorite movie stuff – action, suspense, classical, romance, and adult, horror, science fiction, documentaries, and even new releases such as iPod movies that I downloaded recently include: National Treasure, Hit Man, Mean Girls, and Pirates of the Caribbean, High School Musical II, I Am Legend, The Signal and Teeth. There are great list of music too.

How Can You Watch Movies on a Sony PSP? How to Get Movies on Your PSP

Almost every day I get a new person asking me How Can You watch movies on a Sony PSP when they see me enjoying new movies on my handheld console. I tell em it’s really simple once your PSP is setup for movie playback and you have the right tools. So for anyone wondering How to get Movies on your PSP keep reading, as I will explain the entire procedure below…

For starters you are going to need a memory card, preferably a pretty big one around 2GB, as this is where your movies will be stored. Most good quality movie files are over 400MB so that’s why I recommend a fairly large memory card if you want to hold a couple of movies at a time.

Now before you can simply drag and drop movies onto the memory card you will have to set it up to store movies. This is a really simple task, you just have to create a few new folders…

Once your Card is set, you can begin putting movies on it; however you must make sure all your movies are in MPEG-4 Video format before transferring them. Just make sure you download all your movies online in Mpeg-4 format and your good to go. However If you have other video formats or a DVD Movie that you would like to put on your PSP then they must be converted into MP4 first. Once they are on the right format simply put them on your memory card and access the specified folders on there from your PSP and you can begin watching movies on the Sony PSP.

Now The easiest and quickest way to convert video files would be to download proper PSP Video converter. You could attempt a common 3-step conversions process for converting DVD’s but it is quite complicated and a rather lengthy procedure. Plus it requires downloading a few different programs and if you’re looking to transfer a lot of movies then it can become pretty annoying. I would only recommend it for full computer geeks who have nothing but free time on their hands…

If you’re looking to convert DVDs and other video types in one easy step at the click of a single button then downloading a good PSP Video converter is your best option. Most of them are free to download so you can get movies on your PSP and begin watching them right now. Personally I use a program called Cucusoft Ultimate Converter Suite, it is free to download and it converts videos to play on all devices, including PSP, iPod, iPhone, MP3 Players, Mobile Phones etc…

So if you were wondering How can you watch Movies on a Sony PSP and How to get them on there, then wonder no more as all you need is the correct setup and right tools. Therefore that is How to get movies on Your PSP, so go ahead and grab a memory card, set it up and start putting movies on it today!

Download Full Version Movies – Downloading Movies Have Never Been Easier

We as movie watchers have come a long way since the introduction of movie tapes and watching movies from our home. From beta max to the VCR tapes, we have rented and recorded thousands of movies and still do. Now with the advent of Dvds , movie quality has come full circle to what movie watchers demand, theater quality movies anytime anywhere. Now the demand is shifting with the increase in computer speeds and high speed internet bandwidth. No longer do you have to goto to a brick and mortar stores to find movies to watch. With a few clicks and a search, you can literally be watching your favorite movies on your computer in less time than it takes to drive to the store. This shift in demand is why there are sites offering you to download full version movies for about the same price to goto the movie theater or movie rental store. Now you can download unlimited movies with no per download cost. Imagine your own movie database to download as much and as many movies as you want.

The major benefit of joining a movie downloading site is that members get access to a variety of movies from the latest releases to all the classic movies. Download as much and as often as you like for one fee, without having to pay late fees or per download fees. There are other benefits of joining a movie downloading site. Here is a list of a few:

Downloading movies have become a convenient way of finding the movies you want to watch without having to goto the movie rental or movie theater. No more late fees and sold out movies. There are literally thousands of movie titles to choose from and you are not limited to what or when to download.
The movies you download can be played from your computer, copied to a disk to make a DvD, or transferred to a portable movie player. The software used at most of the movie download site or easy to use and also come with the membership.
When you Download Full Version Movies using a movie download membership site you are getting a secure database to download from without the worries of catching a computer virus or other infections such as spyware or malware. The majority of the sites offer free scanning software to make sure your downloading experience is SAFE and Easy.
The Price is one of the biggest factors in how many DvDs you buy. Well that has changed because you get unlimited access and unlimited downloads without any per download fees or hidden costs. You can be on your way to making that movie data base that you always wanted relatively cheaply and safely.

These are just a few benefits you get when you join a membership site to Download Full Version Movies. It truly has become convenient for us to have another way of getting the movies we want. Downloading movies has never been easier or safer with the price of a tank of gas. If you are a movie fanatic like I am then you must check out this new trend in movie downloading.